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Oct 12

This weekend Footprint Fashions held a stall at the Canberra Living Green Festival. Check out www.footprint for some of the beautiful vegan products for sale.

Oct 1


Looking for some high end top quality vegan fashion wear, well yey
it’s here!!!👠👗👜👟🎀💼👢👝👞 I recently got to check out for myself the quality that was on offer, and wow it was goood

A rave review from the recent Sydney Vegan Club’s “Should We Eat Meat?” debate! 

"Mother Leviathan". New work for sale at the coming Sydney Vegan Festival.
Sep 27

"Mother Leviathan". New work for sale at the coming Sydney Vegan Festival.

Aug 20

Part 2: Celebrities react to the Ferguson protests

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Jun 26


WOW, the Paris Metro mural of Joe Sacco’s Battle of the Somme

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Such a good and heartfelt business. This needs as much support as possible.

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Jun 14
Vegan, cruelty-free fashion straight out of Sydney!!
Jun 11



Licia Ronzulli, member of the European Parliament, has been taking her daughter Vittoria to the Parliament sessions for two years now.

Every time this is on my dash, it’s an automatic reblog.

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May 25


In the Presence of the Holy See

The Palestinian Museum is launching a new project in honor of Pope Francis’s trip to Palestine. Banners combining recent media photographs of the Palestinian landscape and its people with Western baroque paintings of biblical scenes will decorate Manger Square in Bethlehem, highlighting the tension between the popular image of the Holy Land and Palestine’s ongoing history of suffering under occupation and oppression. ( see source for details : The Palestinian museum page)

see : Bethlehem walls transformed in the presence of the Holy 

May 14


Palestinian boys rally next to Israel’s Apartheid Wall near the Palestinian town of Bethlehem ahead of the 66th anniversary of Al-Nakba, May 14, 2014. Palestinians will commemorate Nakba Day on May 15 which marks the beginning of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine when over 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes in the build up to the founding of Israel in 1948.

(Photos: Ammar Awad / Reuters)

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May 3


Palestinian lady collects gas bombs fired by Israeli army. She grows flowers in these bombs.

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Apr 27


A Maldives Beach Awash in Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Looks Like an Ocean of Stars

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